The single track human driven vehicle or Bicycle as it is popularly known as is regarded as the mother of modern personal transportation means. It was only after the invention of this human powered medium of transportation the personal transport gained prominence. Before the coming of this medium, the only way to travel alone was either by foot or by riding a horse. As one thing led to another, some findings and innovations that took place in fabricating the first ever piece led to creation and manufacturing of more complex system. The invention of bike created a number other subsystems and components like ball bearings, pneumatic tires, chain-driven sprockets, and tension-spooked wheels.

As the times advanced the invention of more complicated systems followed like motorcycles, which were initially simple offshoot concepts with an addition of engines on the two wheels. When the portable engines were transferred to four wheel platforms and cars originated, and the whole world witnessed a significant revolution on the global scale. Today you will find several million companies manufacturing popular models of motorbikes and cars. But, whatever may be the case, the advancement in the technology and development of more personalized mobile systems has failed to kill the relevance and importance of Bicycle.

Even today, there are over a billion pedal cycles in the world which are double the number of automobiles across the world. These pieces are popular in the rural and urban areas alike and one can find millions of people using it as chief means of transportation in many areas of the planet which are still are not equipped with motor able roads and also some passionate and dedicated bikers, who prefer to pedal out to office, morning exercise routines or on outings on weekends. Bikes are also very popular with the younger generations and parents spend a good amount of money to buy cycles for their children as a part of play time of exercise kits.

With the modern era stepping in every phase of human life, this humble mode of transportation has also been affected, and today the new models are designed and manufactured using the latest technology.

The continuing popularity and success of the Bicycle can be linked to its use in almost every walk of life. There are numerous rugged looking, practical, agile and sleek looking bike models being rolled out every year, which never fails to attract the avid bicyclists.
You have a much wider choice of bicycles available today and this flood contains some quality products which are premium products and are liked by many passionate people, and some are more suited to serve practical purposes.

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