In a situation where you are not able to pay the debt because of low-income reasons, you can’t qualify for a trust deed in Scotland, so sequestration will be the only option for you But it is not an easy process. Like Scottish Trust Deeds, sequestration is difficult to obtain when you have a very low income as there are costs involved.


Until recently, it was only possible if a creditors opt to sue you in a court of law. But, in case they believed they might not be able to pay all the court charges, they wouldn’t bother, the charges and debts would continue to mount. So, is a change to the guidance that governs and Trust deeds as result sequestration was introduced. In case your assets and income fall under a specific edge, you need not wait for creditors to start up the proceedings; for 100 one can initiate the proceeding himself.


What is Low income according to the law?

One may be considered as experiencing low in Scotland income under the law in case one earn under 220.80 a week – in accordance to the lowest pay permitted by law Also; you will be considered as experiencing the low-income In case you happen to get income support, working tax credits, by income-jobseeker.Maintenance payments and Pensions are included in the calculation, however, tax credits and security benefits are not included.


What is considered as Low assets according to the law

To be considered to have low assets, no single asset of yours should be worth more than 1000, and your total assets must be under 10,000. Household appliances, like fridges, TVs, washing machines are excluded. Unfortunately, In case you own land of any properties either by himself or jointly you cannot be considered as experiencing low assets, even if they are in negative equity.


There are some extremely broad conditions for make applications for a low-incomes low assets sequestration in Scotland. You should:

– Have at least 1,500 of obligation

– You live in Scotland throughout the previous 12 months

You should likewise satisfy one of the accompanyings:

– A creditor is willing to pay your bankrupt

– You are evidently wiped out

– A creditor has issued you with statuary request

– You have low wage and low resources


Be that as it may, What happens when you don’t qualify for a trust deed yet regardless you can’t sequester yourself?


You may have had vast obligations however restricted pay to make installments, yet you wouldn’t meet the LILA criteria or couldn’t demonstrate indebtedness, so you couldn’t make a difference for sequestration. This alteration presented the Certificate for Sequestration.Based on the data you give, if approved experts are fulfilled that you can’t pay your obligations and don’t qualify for LILA sequestration they will issue you with a Certificate for Sequestration.


If you don’t think you can qualify a trust deed then, unfortunately, Sequestration is probably the only viable option. Don’t forget this is a serious financial step with potentially far-reaching consequence for your future. Make sure you look into the Trust Deed Scotland option before hand as this is a far better alternative than filing for sequestration.